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Bebêchila was created in 2008 by a mother a few months after the birth of her first daughter. They always went out together in the sling, a baby carrier. And she began to look for a comfortable purse, that could leave her arms free to breastfeed and to attend her baby. 

But she could not find it anywhere! So, she began to use a traditional sports backpack, that never matched anything and had no partitions that facilitated her daily tasks. Then, she had the idea of making a charming backpack with accessories and essentials for the daily situations and special tours with her baby. 

Since then, other products were incorporated to Bebêchila: the Chila, the Bebêchilinha, the Materchila and the Thermal Bag.

Mothers are super busy for essence and Bebêchila wants to help them to organize the day-to-day and remember everything that must be taken in special ocasions and tours with their children. Its for all ocasions! Either special tours or every day outlets.

Always aiming to contribute to a bigger and better bonding between parents and babies, we expect Bebêchila can join you and your family in delicious, comfortable and charming tours!